Amber Wallet

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Amber Wallet
Amber Wallet
Amber Wallet
Amber Wallet
Amber Wallet

I needed a new wallet, I needed the perfect wallet. Not too big, not too small, not a mini purse, not a bulky folded wallet stuffed with stuff - I needed a simple, durable, beautiful wallet that would keep me organized and make me feel good about my money, and get better as it took on patina with daily use. The Amber wallet features perfect heavyweight leather with divided sections and a snap closure change pocket. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I care for my ORA product?

My personal philosophy with leather is to wear it, use it, enjoy it, and embrace the changes that that come with age! Leather is tough, durable, and part of its beauty is the way that it ages. If you would prefer to ‘protect’ your leather bag, visit your favourite cobbler shop and ask them to request a product that is less harmful to the environment, and to your skin.


I will honour warranties on any defects in my craftswomanship, in the first month after purchase, and I reserve the right to determine defects versus regular wear and tear. Please email photos of any issue to


Did you do some damage to your beloved bag? it happens! I can help with repairs for a nominal fee, email me some photos and we can figure out a solution. Otherwise, take it to your favourite cobbler shop and see if they can help!

Any other questions?

Email us at We'd be happy to help and will forward specific queries to Randi.

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