Orca Whales Wooden Art Print

Big Bear and the Wolf

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Orca Whales Wooden Art Print
Orca Whales Wooden Art Print
Orca Whales Wooden Art Print

**Quoted from Big Bear + The Wolf's Etsy page**

Wild west coast ocean art print on maple wood ply. Rugged ocean waves, misty rainforest, with fog and rain...you can hear the waves crashing and hear the sea birds calling on the wind. Perfectly matched with the inspirational quote: "The earth has music for those who listen."

Wooden wall & home decor is very versatile - hang it anywhere in your home, even areas of high humidity such as bathroom or kitchen. You can frame this piece of wood art or just leave it with its raw edges. 

This wood art print comes ready to hang with a 2" x 2" plastic hang tab, which can conveniently lie flat if you choose to frame it.

All wood is cut and sanded by hand on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada. We use a digital, flat-bed printer to print directly to the wood using non-toxic, fade-resistant pigment inks. We only use sustainably-sourced, domestic wood. 

Each wood art piece will come out with slight variations due to wood tone and wood grain.
Paper prints may also vary slightly due to monitor colour variations. Please note that paper prints will NOT have the warm wood tone and grain shown in the product photo. 

(not all sizes are available for every design)

SMALL: approx 4" x 5"

MEDIUM: approx 5" x 6.25"

LARGE: approx 7.75" x 10"

*All sizes are approximate due to the wood pieces being hand-cut and hand-sanded.